travelling birds

It was a splendid spring morning. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. What music!

Nobody could sleep anymore.

‘Hammy!’, cried little Mousy, ‘the birds are singing! They ARE SINGING! Come and see!’

Little Mousy ran to the window and looked fascinated outside. 

Hammy said to his dear friend, Chipy: ‘I think we have a lot of work to do with little Mousy. He doesn’t know anything.’

‘When we found him, he was a tiny little creature. Our goal and duty are to raise and educate him’, answered Chipy confidently.


Then he continued: ‘What can we teach him about the singing birds?! The only thing I know about them is that they sing beautifully.’ 

‘And that they travel.’ said Hammy feeling proud about his knowledge.

hammy and chipy in the savanna

Hammy and Chipy have met the Moon.

‘Chipy, the Moon is a fine lady!’ Look, she is so nice and smiles so friendly!’

‘Hammy, the Moon is not a lady.  And it is not a ‘she’, the Moon is like a star or something!’

Right then the Moon looked at Chipy and smiled again.

‘Wow, have you seen?! The Moon smiled at me…. how could it smile?!’, asked Chipy wondering.

‘Because she is nice and friendly. Now let’s talk to her!’, said Hammy very confidently.


‘Hi, we are Hammy and Chipy, at home we have another friend, a very small one, Mousy, and we have the Old Lady, we call her Granny. She is the Lady of the House, which means she is very important, you know. We are very happy to meet you!’ 

hammy and chipy aurora borealis

Hammy and Chipy were teaching little Mousy about polar animals. They had a book full of photos of polar bears, polar foxes, arctic wolves, arctic hares and a lot of beautiful birds. Mousy was absolutely delighted.

‘How big is the polar bear! And it is all white!’, said Mousy.

‘Oh, yes, it is the largest land carnivore. Although it is born on land, it spends a lot of time on the sea ice. Polar bears hunt seals to eat. The seals are their preferred food. ‘, explained Hammy.

‘But Hammy, how can the polar bear walk on the ice?! It is huge, doesn’t it break the ice?’ asked Mousy.

‘No, the ice is very, very thick and can keep bears on it’ answered Chipy.

Hammy and Chipy on the Moon

One day, the little Hammy was feeling alone and bored. He had just eaten the last piece of carrot and now he was staying at the window looking outside.

Where could his friend, Chipy, be!? He hadn’t come out of his whole all day.

And it was a long day…

All of a sudden, he heard a little noise in the wardrobe. In the WARDROBE?!

‘Oh, my dear HammyGod!!! The wardrobe was the most forbidden place in the house!!


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