Second conditional

If you need some clarification regarding the second conditional, we are here to show you how to form it, how you can use it and a lot of examples!

So the speaker talks about things he/she doesn’t think will happen and about the possible results of these situations.


Second conditional contains two parts:

  1. The hypothetical or unlikely part which begins with if and then subject and the verb in the past simple
  1. The second part expresses the possible result of this imaginary situation and contains would + infinitive.

If I had a lot of time, I would visit all my relatives on their birthdays

The two parts can be used in any order.


totul, toată, toți, toate, toată lumea

singular/plural (după înțeles)

All you see here is mine.

They are all my brothers.


un altul, încă unul


Another one is my friend.


(+) oricare, (-) nici unul, nici unii, (?) vreunul, vreunii, (?-) nici unul, nici una, nici unii, nici unele.

singular/plural (după înțeles)

I can’t see any of you here.

Is there any food in the fridge?


(+) oricine, (-) nimeni, (?) cineva, (?-) nimeni


This exercise can’t be solved by anybody.

Is anybody there?

Zero and first conditional

Zero conditional:

We use the zero conditional when we need to talk about things which are always true, something that happens in general.

These facts can be scientific, they are general truths, or things which we consider being  true, they can be habits or facts from the real world.

Here if = when, because they are not really conditions, more situations. 


  • When/If I run, my heart beats really fast.

Here are some compound words for your daily use:

  • into = to the inside of; in toward,

I walked slowly into my room.

Put your coat into the wardrobe, please!

Pour some milk into that bowl then a cup of musli!

  • onto = to a place or position on, or when we change the topic of discussion

I put my bag onto the chair and I lied on the bed.

I fell down when I stepped onto the stage.

How do we speak onto this one, now? We are at the budget, not at the quality.

Why is the police onto him, he is innocent. (the police is on his back.) 

Don’t load that software onto my computer!

Dad is onto you because you don’t admit that you have made a mistake.

Don’t be afraid, hold onto my hand! (keep holding something)

  • upon

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