Hammy and Chipy on the Moon

One day, the little Hammy was feeling alone and bored. He had just eaten the last piece of carrot and now he was staying at the window looking outside.

Where could his friend, Chipy, be!? He hadn’t come out of his whole all day.

And it was a long day…

All of a sudden, he heard a little noise in the wardrobe. In the WARDROBE?!

‘Oh, my dear HammyGod!!! The wardrobe was the most forbidden place in the house!!


be going to

We are always confused when we have to choose between ‘Will’ and ‘be going to’, so let's clarify when do we use these tenses and what’s the difference between them..


We use the future simple for:

• future facts

• events considered certain, predictions based on opinions

• decisions made at the time of speaking

• offers / requests / threats / warnings.

english story

Once there were a little mouse, Chipy, and a little white hamster, Hammy. They both lived in the house of an old lady.  The old lady knew only about the hamster, she had no idea that there was another mouse in a hole of the house.

One day, the two little animals met each other.  When the old lady gave Hammy a slice of carrot, Chipy felt the smell and came out of the hole. They shared the carrot and became friends very quickly.  When Chipy found a piece of cheese, he shared it with Hammy.

One day, the old lady decided to take Hammy to school. It was time for him to learn.

imag patterns

Pattern 1   Make + object + bare infinitive

We use this pattern when we „force” someone to do something.


  • My teacher made us do this homework. = My teacher forced us to do this homework
  • Mrs Tania made me play Chopin instead of Bach. = Mrs Tania forced me to play Chopin instead of Bach.
  • My father makes me clean the house.
  • His mother makes him take info courses.
  • I make my sister do her homework.

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