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Curs de limba engleza pentru copii - Modal Verbs - Elementary English Course A1-A2 for Children

Curs de limba engleza pentru copii - Modal Verbs

  1. The Verb ‘Can’

Verbul ‘’a putea’’

We use the verb CAN when we need to express:

Folosim verbul can (a putea) când avem nevoie să exprimăm:

  • Ability of doing something.

Abilitatea de a face ceva.

My deskmate can run very fast. 

Colegul meu de bancă poate alerga foarte repede.


  • Permission to do something.

Permisiunea de a se face ceva.

Can I go to the toilet, teacher?

Pot merge la toaletă, doamnă profesoară?

  • Or requests.

captura verbs and nouns with the same form

  1. decrease
  • The employment rate has decreased a lot lately.
  • Since the schools were closed we’ve noticed a decrease in the number of students attending the online classes.
  1. record
  • I won’t be able to attend the course tomorrow. Can you record it for me, please?
  • He has a long criminal record and still, he got free last week.
  1. desert
  • Many soldiers deserted last night and nobody knows how.
  • I crossed a huge area in the desert in a week.
  1. import

 Lectii de limba engleza - The Living Room Sufrageria carte de colorat

  1. sofa = canapea
  2. carpet = mochetă, covor
  3. cushion = pernă
  4. radio = radio
  5. TV = televizor
  6. remote control = telecomandă
  7. newspaper = ziar
  8. table = masă


1. Change the direct questions into indirect questions. Use 'can you tell me', 'do you know', 'could you tell me' like in model.


Where is the tram station?   Versus Could you tell me where the tram station is V+S-> S+V

Where is the ticket booth? Versus Excuse me. Do you know if there's a ticket booth near here?


1. Verb Tense: Present simple

Direct Question: Are they students?                 

Answer Indirect Question: 

6 idioms about time miniatura

  1. A stitch in time (saves nine): to make a little effort to fix something small before it gets worse

Example: Why don’t you fix the engine now before it causes more damage to the car? Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

  1. Against the clock: in a race against time, in a hurry to finish something before a particular time

Example: Julie was racing against the clock to get her wedding preparations done before the end of the week.

  1. Like clockwork: Something that happens regularly.

Example: Every day at 6:00, he comes in here, like clockwork, for a cup of tea and a good newspaper.


1. Direct into indirect questions:

a) What was this city like last century?

Example: Can you tell me what this city was like last century?

b) What have they decided at the meeting?

c) Is it possible for a child to study online 10 hours a day?

d) Could you replace your sister today?

2. Noun or adjective?  

a) There was a lot of awkwardness/awkward at that election.

We worked long hours and everything was very exhaustion/exhausting.

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