Present Simple este timpul gramatical cel mai usor de folosit, ca formare, insa ceea ce ramane neclar pentru multi sunt situatiile in care se foloseste. 

Iata toate situatiile in care folosim acest timp gramatical.

We use Present Simple to express:

  1. usual facts / general truths/ permanent situations

Life goes on! The Earth goes round.

Time passes quickly.

  1. For repeated actions / habitual actions (with adverbs like: every day, always, usually, seldom etc)

They commute to school by bus every day.   They usually take the bike. or: 

They go to work by bike every day.

In Romania, the school year starts at the beginning of September.

  1. stative verbs (describe states and not actions)

She looks great when she smiles.

  1. Declarations (official or not)

I regret to inform you that I can’t come tonight.

  1. newspaper headlines / live sports commentary

Pop star loses weight! Steaua wins the match. He kicks the ball, runs and scores!!!

  1. Narratives / jokes

They leave the city and go to live in the country.

  1. Instructions

First you remove the cover and then you can use it.

Turn on the TV,  then choose menu.

  1. It is also used with future meaning:

- with timetables / schedules

The play starts at 8:30 in the morning.

- with conditional clauses (if, unless, in case, providing)

If you come to the party, you will have fun.

  1. Exclamations with “here” and “there”

Here is John!

There comes the bus!

There goes our train! 

10. Temporal clauses introduced by:

when, till, untill, after, before, as soon as,....and in the main clause there is a future or an imperative:

I'll tell you mom, when she comes home.

Go to the market, when you have time.


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