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We all get confused when we think about prepositions. This lesson will help you to understand the difference between prepositions and adverbs.

A preposition is a word used to link nouns, pronouns or phrases to other words within a sentence.

An adverb is a word that describes a verb and it is usually used for places, time, circumstance, manner, cause and so on.

IMPORTANT: The most important thing we have to remember is that a preposition requires an object, while an adverb does not.

There are several words that are either prepositions or adverbs:


  • about

I am thinking about you all the time. (preposition)

I am about to leave school. (adverb) 

  • across

We drove across the road. (preposition)

She came across to meet me. (adverb) 

  • around

When I was young, I was cycling around the village every morning. (preposition)

This laptop costs around $200. (adverb)

  • before

I have to drink a glass of water before breakfast. (preposition)

I was very sick a day before! (adverb)

  • beyond

There are many houses beyond the river (preposition)

I am confident about the company's income for the current year and beyond. (adverb)

  • in

We spent a few days in New York. (preposition)

Please come in! I was waiting for you so long! (adverb)

  • inside

I heard a noise inside the room. (preposition)

Go inside and lock the door while I am outside. (adverb)

  • near

I live near the school. (preposition)

Is there a hospital near here? (adverb)

  • opposite

They are in the building opposite the National Museum. (preposition)

The ones who live opposite are very noisy. (adverb)

  • outside

The teacher sent him outside the classroom. (preposition)

I went outside for a walk. (adverb)

  • past

I walked past several post offices on my way home. (preposition)

I have dinner at half past six. (adverb)

  • round

We were sitting round the table. (preposition)

She turned round and went home. (adverb)

  • through

The rain poured through the roof. (preposition)

She opened the door and went through. (adverb)

  • under

I found your phone under the bed. (preposition)

She is selling mobile phones for $50 and under! (adverb)

  • up

The cat climbs up the fridge. (preposition)

Keep your head up all the time. (adverb)

  • within

People who live within the city eat more junk food than people who live outside the city. (preposition)

The organization in this company must change from within. (adverb)

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