single and multi word prepositions

Prepositions can be used as single-words or as a group of words.

The most common single-word prepositions are:

  • about

Do you know anything about Mike?

  • above

She rented a flat above the market. 

  • after

Let’s go to the cinema after work.


  • against

They acted against the law. 

  • along

We walked along the river all night long.

  • around

They gathered around the table to play cards.

  • as

He works as a doctor.

  • at

I’ll meet you at the market in 3 hours.

  • beneath (same meaning as below)

She hid her diary beneath the bed.

  • between

The river is between the city and the village.

  • beyond

My house is just beyond the school.

  • by

This book was written by Charlotte Bronte.

  • despite

I enjoyed my trip despite the bad weather.

  • during

She worked during the night last week.

  • except

I work every day except Sunday.

  • for

There is a letter for you on your desk.

  • in

My grandparents live in a huge house with a large garden.

  • like

He has a phone like mine.

  • near

Don’t sit near the window, you may get cold.

  • of

A friend of mine was hired in a well-known company.

  • on

Don’t put that thing on the table!

  • over

The plane was flying over the city.

  • until

I stayed up until 3 o’clock in the morning.

  • with

I was with Jerome that time.

  • since

He hasn’t studied English since last year.

  • without

I couldn’t do it without you.

The most common group of words that form prepositions are:

  • ahead of

Just ahead of you, you’ll see the airport.

  • apart from (also aside from)

I’ve finished the homework apart from the last exercise.

  • as for (considering or speaking about something)

As for your actions, we’ll discuss with your parents later.

  • because of

We delayed our trip because of the bad weather.

  • except for (excluding)

Except for Tom, everybody is ready to travel.

  • instead of

You should do something instead of complaining.

  • in addition to

In addition to the speech, we can also mention the terms of the contract.

  • in front of

She was standing in front of the class without saying a word.

  • in place of

You can take the car in place of the motorbike.

  • inside of

I finished that homework inside of 2 hours.

  • in spite of

In spite of her illness, she continued working.

  • on account of

He doesn’t drink coffee on account of his health.

  • out of

I am out of the town this week.

  • outside of (except of)

Outside of us three, nobody knows what happened there.

  • on top of

There is a small statue on top of the building.

  • up to

It’s up to the manager to organize well the meeting.

  • such as

Countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece have a tropical climate.

  • thanks to

Thanks to Laura, I found a roommate.

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