Determiners: neither, either, most, much, many... - Just a little English

Just a little about neither of,  neither,  either,  many, much or a lot of...

Neither of my parents can use a computer.   (verb affirmative, of + noun in plural)

 Neither of them goes to work.  (verb affirmative, of + pronoun in plural)

Neither test is perfect.  (verb affirmative, noun in singular without "of")

 ‘I can’t cook.’ -> 

Neither can I.’   (verb affirmative)

 ‘My mother can’t ride the bike.’  ->

‘I can’t  either.’   (verb negative + either)

 I don’t go out too much these days. (much -> uncountable)

 I haven’t got much time.  (much -> uncountable)

 My mother has got a lot of outfits but she doesn’t wear many accessories..  

 You haven’t slept much. (much -> uncountable)

 Most ham is made from pork in this restaurant. 

 Most of my collegues are foreigners, they come from many countries.

 I didn't pass the driving exam. I could not follow many of the rules. (many -> countable)

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