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Affirmative sentence is used with negative tag, while negative sentence is used with affirmative tag, at the end of the sentence.

He could have bought something to eat, couldn't he?

I think it’s time. We must leave now, mustn’t we?

Your son is collecting stamps, isn't he?

The children were yelling in the classroom, weren’t they?


You father can help you, can’t he?

I am doing it right, aren’t I?

They often watch TV till late in the evening, don't they?

You are a close friend of Mary, aren’t you?

A friend in need is sometimes more than a brother, isn’t he/she?

Your neighbors are coming home from work soon, aren't they? 

Nothing can happen when your mum is here, can it?

Mary played in this park yesterday, didn't she? 

Some people wanted something to eat, didn’t they?

Come on, children, you have cleaned your room, haven't you?

Look at it, it is really good, isn’t it?

Please, let me do it, I'm clever enough to solve this exercise, aren't I?

She has a great English teacher, hasn’t she / doesn’t she?

He and his brother don't like meat, do they?

Shut up, can’t you? - imperative,  Or: Shut up, will you?

Your father will come home tonight, won't he?

My daughter didn't do her homework yesterday, did she?

Your mother works here, doesn’t she?


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